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Write the book

Writing a book is a wonderful way to reach more people and make a difference in their lives. I read every single book I could get my hands on when I had my terrible PMS and anxiety, and they saved me! Learn all the tools you need to write your book… why even write a book, where to start, the proposal, legal considerations, research and writing, writer’s block, the cover and title, copy editing, getting endorsements and permissions, and the launch.

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When people hear you speak a powerful connection is made, you get to share your message with a bigger audience and you can make an even bigger difference. Learn Tools for speaking (both free and paid), exhibiting, tradeshows, poster presentations, teleseminars and telesummits and more. If you’re going to change lives, your clients need to know you exist. Learn marketing tools and information about a website and blog, a newsletter and social media.

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Media coverage means more reach, more recognition, more books getting into the hands of those who need them and a bigger reach. Learn step by step on how to use HARO, a powerful and free media pitch tool. Also, learn tools for getting great book reviews, landing and handling TV and radio interviews, doing press releases (free and paid) and more.

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What people are saying

…I feel more confident about doing my first corporate lecture
— Ramya Ramakrishnan M.A., N.C.

…full of insights and tips to help you get started or improve your public speaking.
— Danielle Hart, MS

…a wealth of knowledge about writing a book and growing your audience…
— Mira Dessy, Holistic Health Practitioner

Learning the key components using the media is Trudy's unique gift
— Karen Langston, Certified Nutritionist

Trudy is stepping into the spotlight
— Ali Brown, the Entrepreneurial Guru for Women

You are the queen of HARO! What's your secret?
— Tonya R. Taylor

I know you've worked hard to get all these media opportunities.
— Cindy Winther