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JV Gift Giveaways part 1: an introduction


Have you participated in a JV Gift Giveaway? It’s a great way to share your information, offerings and/or book with a wider audience and to grow your loyal following/list/tribe at the same time.  It also allows you to partner with others who serve the same audience as you do

With a JV Gift Giveaway, you team up with a certain number of people for a predetermined number of days.  You each offer a free gift and you each promote the page that lists all the gifts. It’s a win-win-win: for you, for the other participants and for those people who are looking for some cool free offerings.

I asked Tracy K. Pierce to share some insights on her first JV Gift Giveaway, which was held for 9 days and had six people participating and promoting the event. 

  • She had 150 new people opt in to her list – this “has been great for getting the word out about my services and products.” Others reported between 50-200 new opt ins to their lists.
  • “The biggest advantage for me has been connecting with the other participants. Some of us have gone on to supporting each other in other ways besides the JV Gift Giveaway, which just gives us all more exposure to a larger audience.”

Tracy is now hosting her second Giveaway now, from January 2nd to 13th i.e for 11 days, with 15 participants. Here are just some of the offerings:

  • Tracy K. Pierce: Clear the Clutter Workbook
  • Mira Dessy: Getting Started With The Pantry Principle
  • Line Brunet: The New You (6 MP3s & worksheets)
  • Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist:  Sugar Cravings/Mood Quiz and the Powerful Endorphin Connection to Emotional Eating
  • Kimberly Eldredge: 5 Self-Publishing Misconceptions: Debunked! eBook

As you can see, I am a participant!  This is my first JV Gift Giveaway and so far I’m very pleased with the results.  In two days I have added over 30 people to my list/tribe. I have also connected with one of the participants, Kimberly Eldredge, to learn more about her self-publishing work (I’m always looking for resources for my authors and aspiring authors!).  I’m also scoping things out so I can host my own giveaway in the future.

Check out the page to see how it works and feel free to sign up for your free downloads too.  This way you can get ideas for when you participate in something like this in the future.  And you’re probably going to find someone useful for yourself or someone you know too!  We all want free stuff, don’t we?  This is one of the joys of these giveaways!

I’d like to thank Tracy for inviting me to participate and for sharing some great information she’s learned in the process of doing these – thanks Tracy!  Here is more about her: Tracy K. Pierce is a Clutter Coach, Holistic Organizer, and the creator of the Reclaim Your Space, Reclaim Your Life Bootcamp program. She is the owner and founder of Synergy Organizing and Synergy Wellness. Her mission is to propel her clients towards the realization of their ideal lives. Tracy assists holistically-minded and motivated people who are sick and tired of their clutter reclaim space for what matters most. Learn more about Tracy at

I’ll be sharing more in future blog posts: part 2/setup, part 3/my observations, and part 4/my results.  Stay tuned!

I’d love to hear your experiences – good and bad – with JV Gift Giveaways.

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Trudy. I can’t wait to hear your results. This is my first time participating in a JV Gift Giveaway and so far, I’m very excited with the results.

    I think a key component is to have a tightly focused group of gifts AND to have everybody’s buy-in that they will all promote the page.

    • Trudy Scott says:

      You’re so welcome Kimberly! I look forward to hearing/seeing your results too. And I look forward to learning more about you and your self-publishing services and resources.

      I totally agree: narrow topic and motivated participants. And as Sue said, useful gifts too.

  2. Sue Painter says:

    I think the efficacy depends on the promotion, the narrowness of the niche, and how vested all the participants are in giving truly useful gifts. Glad to hear it is working out for you!

  3. This is my first JV event and I’m really learning a lot from it. I love that we’re all coming together to freely share with folks and the quality of the giveaways is amazing. Like you I’m thinking about putting one together at some point in order to be able to share with my tribe, as well as to connect with other holistically minded folks.

    • Trudy Scott says:

      Great to have you in this event Mira! I love your Pantry Principle offering – great idea to offer the call too. I’ll be doing that with a follow-up auto-responder series. We’ll have to compare notes to see how we each do.

      And yes, isn’t collaboration like this great!

      • I would love to compare notes with you on this. I’m excited to see how this is working and learn how to better reach and serve and grow my tribe. I also love the opportunity to see what other holistic practitioners are out there. Networking like this is such a wonderful win-win-win situation.

  4. Jessica says:

    It sounds very interesting. Giving me some ideas too 🙂 Thanks for sharing Trudy!

  5. Mitch Tublin says:

    Good for you Trudy!
    Please do let us know how this works out for all of you.

  6. Thanks for putting this out there, Trudy! I’m interested to see how this 2nd Giveaway compares to the first one, which was more narrowly focused on Wellness. I’m thinking that in the future the Giveaways will rotate in their focus, ie: one for business coaches, one for wellness practitioners, one for clutter coaches/professional organizers. It has definitely been a learning experience for me too, but it’s been awesome to connect with so many people who are committed to their work!

    • Trudy Scott says:

      You’re welcome! thanks for inviting me to participate and thanks for sharing your lessons learned. There was so much great stuff I’m going to do a few blog posts.

      Initially I would have thought the very narrow focus to be the way to go but I almost think a bit of variety is good too. Take, for example, the self-publishing offer in this one. Many wellness professionals and their readers may want to self-publish. You also invited a financial person to contribute – this is also something all of us want help with.


  7. Lisa Manyon says:

    JV’s can be a great way to boost your business with the right strategy.
    Write on!~

  8. Trudy, thanks for sharing. I’ll be following this to see the results! It sounds awesome. I’ve been involved in one global tele-summit and had over 35 new subscribers. This was my first time out the gate. Thanks for sharing.

    • Trudy Scott says:

      You’re welcome Tandy – glad to hear of your success. Perhaps this was a small summit? I would aim for and expect higher numbers for future summits. I’ll share what I’ve experienced with summits, not to brag, but to let you know what is possible… 300-500 new subscribers.

  9. I love how you share all of your experiential learning, Trudy! I have participated in a few give-aways and have been pleased, overall. I think they can really be an effective way to reach new people if they are targeted to your ideal audience and are very well-organized.

  10. Heidi says:

    I agree Trudy JVs and giveaways are a great strategy to expand your audience and form relationships – the key is making sure they are relevant and the audiences match well!