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An index for my book The Antianxiety Food Solution and a lesson learned


I’m SO excited! I finally had an index added to my book The Antianxiety Food Solution! I feel it’s crazy that it wasn’t in the book in the first place but about 3 months before my publish date, my publisher said it wasn’t in the budget!

At the time I asked if there was a chance we could add one later and was told possibly but there could be no promises. I just kept asking and we finally added one in the most recent printing. The publisher felt it was now justified due to the continued steady book sales.

Here is the lesson to be learned:

  • If your publisher says there is no budget for an index don’t give up asking – I finally got mine!
  • Better yet make sure it’s in the contract and don’t assume it’s included!
  • If you’re self-publishing be sure to set aside a budget for a professional indexer to do one for you. Or learn how to do it yourself and be prepared for a time very time-consuming task.

If you have someone doing it professionally you will still need to check it afterwards as you know your work and the material best. The first draft of mine was almost perfect on but I did have to go back and make about eight minor changes.

Since there was no index in many of the earlier books that were purchased I created a blog and offered it to my readers as a PDF download.

The index is the first place I go to when I buy a book so having an index in my book means a great to me and I know it’s going to be a big help to my readers!

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