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Author101 University Oct 24 to 27 in Las Vegas – be there!

Rick Frishman with Brendon Burchard

Rick Frishman with Brendon Burchard

This is a message from Rick Frishman, Public Relations Expert and Best Selling Author, and your host at Author101 University

Is your book written yet?
If it is written, is it a bestseller yet?
If it is a bestseller, is it getting you the opportunities you’d dreamed of?
Are you making the money you deserve?
Are you making a ton of ‘MPI” ? (Massive Passive Income)
Are you building an enormous “platform”?

Let’s make sure this is the year all of that happens for you.

I would love to invite you to Author101university. Spend 4 days with us and I promise you it will change your life. Folks are flying in from all over the world.

This is your time!

New and established authors from around the globe all come together for 4 amazing days to learn from some of the  world’s leading marketing and publishing experts so they can become bestselling authors, highly-paid speakers and coaches and respected authorities in their niche.

Everyone has a lot of fun and most importantly, everyone walks away with what they need so they can grow their success as an author.

I want that for you.

Come to the next Author 101 University. Here’s what can happen for you there…In one weekend, you’ll:

— Connect with literary agents who want to represent you
— Get your new book published or your old book revitalized
— Make your book a bestseller
— Learn how to turn your online promotions into huge exposure (and sales)
— Transform your message into a mega success business
— Meet and network with amazing people
— And so much more…

Literary agent Bill Gladstone will be there for the entire event. He signs between 5 and 10 new authors at every Author101University. We have many new agents and publishers coming this year who want to see your proposal.

Your dream doesn’t have to be just a dream.

Come to the next Author101 University event in Las Vegas, NV
October 24 to 27, 2013.

Get more details here:

I’ll be there! In fact I was so determined to go that I entered a video competition and was thrilled to have been chosen to attend!  You can read about why I wanted to attend Author101 University here!  

See you there!

13 Responses so far.

  1. Sounds like a great event Trudy. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Sue Painter says:

    I’m thrilled that you won a ticket to this event, Trudy, and can’t wait to hear more about it when you return. Knowing you, you’ll make good use of every single minute!!!


  3. Lisa Manyon says:

    I cannot wait to hear about your experience at this event.
    After being featured in two best-selling books, I’m finally finishing mine and excited to get it out there.
    Write on!~

  4. Mitch Tublin says:

    Good for you Trudy. The event sounds like it will be wonderful.
    Please make certain to fill us in when you return.

  5. Mira Dessy says:

    So excited for you! This sounds like a fabulous opportunity and I know you will definitely make the most of it. Can’t wait to hear more!

  6. I look forward to hearing all about it!

    With love, Katherine

    Katherine C. H. E.
    Author, Be True Rich

  7. Sounds great–I wish I were going, too! Maybe next year. Have a great time, Trudy!

  8. Heidi Alexandra says:

    Congrats! I look forward to hearing all about it Trudy! I am excited as I just approved the final galley proof on my book also!