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Why I want to attend Author101 University: Trudy Scott Food Mood Expert

Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert

Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert

Author101 University is an incredible event for authors and aspiring authors: publishing, marketing, PR, promo material, proposals, agents and much more! I want to attend!

I would LOVE to attend for three reasons:

1) To learn from great presenters like Mary Agnes Antonoupolos, social media strategist supreme, Rick Frishman, Brendon Burchard and others who will share marketing, PR and book resources.  And I want to network with authors and aspiring authors.

2) To get publishing and marketing resources for my second book. I am author of The Antianxiety Food Solution and I know what being an author can do, both for my business and for my reach!

3) So I can share my message with more people and change lives.  The 40 million anxious people in America deserve to know about the powerful food mood connection!  

Please vote for me by clicking on this link to go to the youtube video and hitting LIKE!  Thanks!

UPDATE 10/3/13: I am going! I was one of many who have been given the opportunity to attend – I am SO thrilled!    

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