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Speaking, exhibiting, teleseminars, telesummits and poster presentations – free call

On stage at Ali Brown's Shine 2011 event

On stage at Ali Brown’s Shine 2011 event

Speaking is one of the biggest ways I have grown my business.  As an author it is imperative that you do presentations and is a great way to solidify your expert status.  As an aspiring author it’s also imperative that you do presentations to grow your platform/tribe.

Free preview call:  Thursday November 14th at 5pm PST. Save the date for the paid teleseries: Thursdays December 5th, 9th, 12th and 16th at 5pm PST (the next course in my “Write Your Book” teleseries). 

  • 5 reasons why speaking is great for your biz
  • What 3 things to do if you’re just getting started
  • 9 great ideas for where to speak
  • How to grow your loyal tribe and reach 100s if not 1000s with teleseminars and telesummits
  • What is a poster presentation and why do them at medical conferences?
  • The key points for deciding what your topic should be   
  • 3 great skills to acquire to take your speaking to the next level – so they come knocking at your door!

I am holding this free preview call which will be a content-rich sampling of the main teleseries.  Of course, we’ll go into in much much more detail during the teleseries on Thursdays December 5th, 9th, 12th and 16th at 5pm PST – so you can get a great start in 2014!  We’ll also have some excellent guest experts to share their experiences: how to be a TEDx speaker, podcasting, how telesummits grow your platform big-time and much more!    

You can sign up for the preview call here

Come with your questions – call in to ask them live and connect on the web to post your questions online.

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    I wanted to sign up for your Dec classes on “Speaking, Exhibiting, Telesummits.” Can you please direct me to the correct site? I am not seeing it.

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